We have so much love and gratitude for the lovely souls who participated in our 2014 Purify and and Restore retreat in Costa Rica. Here's what some of them had to say:

My Week in Costa Rica Far Exceeded my Expectations

I was excited to have booked my retreat in Costa Rica as I have worked with both Julie & Dr. Ashley in the past and live a very healthy/active lifestyle. My expectations were high from the beginning as I was looking for a luxury health/wellness experience with minimal stress or organization on my part. My week in Costa Rica with Samana Health Retreats far exceeded my expectations.

The planning and level of detail was very impressive. All of my dietary needs were accommodated, the food was delicious and I relished in the excitement of trying new dishes and flavors at every meal. The yoga and mediation sessions renewed my focus, clarity & self-love in a breathtaking setting. The reiki & acupressure sessions were new for me, and were both very positive physical & mental experiences. The day trips left a lasting memory for me. I particularly enjoyed zip lining through the jungle,  which reinforced the “letting go” theme that continued to weave its way through the week.

Not only did I find mental clarity & peace throughout the week, but I learned a lot about myself, my intentions and areas of focus that have now become a center point in my life since I have returned home. I took away not only amazing memories, experiences and friends from Costa Rica, but also lifelong teachings, practices & lessons that to me are invaluable.

Thank you, Samana Health Retreats for helping me to re-energize and find balance again. Namaste.

Wendy, Toronto Ontario

An Experience of  Lifetime

I went on the Costa Rica retreat with Julie and Ashley as a last minute birthday treat for myself, and it was the best choice I could have ever made!

These ladies truly provided an experience of a lifetime. Julie and Ashley are classy, intelligent, professional, nurturing, loving women who sincerely care about people. They made sure every last detail was taken care of and that all of us were comfortable and happy. The food was amazing, and I especially enjoyed the fresh juices in the morning and the creative, delectable dishes prepared by our chef.

I loved waking up to all of the jungle sounds in the morning.  For me, I needed a real getaway to do some personal release work, and it was beyond perfect. There were two different tours booked, which were optional, and I opted out. For me, this was a great choice because I was able to have some much-needed alone time and self care. I love that they had this as a choice for everyone, although next year I will definitely go to the wildlife refuge!

I have been taking yoga for 14 years, and I can say Julie is a wonderful, kind, knowledgeable teacher with beautiful meditations. I also loved the acupressure with Ashley - I felt so relaxed and refreshed afterward.

All this said, the most special part of the experience were the friendships I made during the retreat. So many different women, but all of us connected through common thread. By the end, we were all very close, sharing heart-opening stories and truly getting to know one another on a level that usually takes years. I will definitely be back again! Thank you Julie and Ashley for everything!

Gwen, New York, NY

Amazing and Refreshing

What a truly amazing and refreshing week. I came back feeling purified and restored in both mind and body. My week in Costa Rica was a turning point for me and my health and helped me to to shift my mindset on healthy eating. Before I went, I half-heartedly tried to eat healthy, but having experienced how amazing I felt during the retreat, I now make healthy eating a priority each and every day. Thank you Julie and Ashley for your energy, your education and your support, I truly feel that this retreat has had a positive and lasting impact on my life!

Jennifer, Waterloo, Ontario

Total Luxury

This retreat was exactly what I needed. As a busy executive in New York, I find it hard to carve out time for myself. I've always wanted to go on a yoga and health retreat, but I'm not prepared to give up my creature comforts and I want a relaxing and luxurious holiday, too. This retreat was the best of both worlds: healthy, fun and totally luxurious. I got to disconnect and to focus on my yoga practice and on nourishing my body with healthy meals. I loved having a private chef, who was not only extremely talented, but was able to cater to all of our unique dietary needs. I've traveled to many places and consider myself a pretty devout foodie, and this was by far one of the best food experiences I've had on vacation. The villa and the scenery were breathtaking and all of my needs were met by Julie and Ashley with grace and ease. 

I have a regular yoga practice and I loved every class. Julie was able to effortlessly cater to yogis of all levels and make us all feel challenged and supported at the same time. It was fabulous to have access to a Naturopathic Doctor for the week - Ashely is so knowledgeable and I learned so much from all of her insight and recommendations - I even kept notes to make sure I remembered all of her great tips. The meditation, reiki and acupressure sessions, as well as the health workshops were a beautiful addition and make Samana Health Retreats a truly unique experience. I really felt like my entire mind, body and soul were being looked after and cared for and this holistic approach to health has stayed with me even after returning home.

Nikki, New York, NY

Perfect for Novice and Advanced Alike

Although I value to the principles of healthy living, putting them into practice on a day-to-day basis can be a struggle for me.  A week of clean living was exactly what I needed, but I have to say I was a little worried about making do without my vices, like caffeine and sweets. Julie and Ashley provided so many helpful tips before, during and after the retreat that eating healthy and then maintaining these habits afterwards was much easier (and more enjoyable!) than I expected.

I was an absolute beginner yogi but was immediately put at ease when I realized that modifications were offered for students of all levels.  I really appreciated the flexibility of the retreat—I never felt like I needed to attend every session or class, and I could customize this to make it my own, perfect holiday.

My favourite part of the retreat was the meditation and reflection sessions, which actually came as quite a surprise to me. They helped me feel grounded, and allowed me to refocus and reevaluate the things I value in my life.

This was an amazing, luxurious, and eye opening week in paradise. I learned so much and I have returned with a renewed commitment to be a healthier, happier me. I highly recommend Samana Health Retreats to anyone looking to make their health and lifestyle a priority. It's perfect for both the novice and the advanced alike and will leave you simultaneously relaxed and inspired.

Jessie, New York City