What We Do

Founded on the principles of naturopathic medicine and yoga, Samana Health Retreats offers luxury wellness experiences and retreats.
Taking place in exquisite locales, each retreat is built around our three signature pillars:



Move. Breathe. Flow.

We believe that yoga is an essential practice in bringing peace, presence and ease to our lives. Our retreats include daily vinyasa flow yoga classes that cater to all levels. With amazing views and vistas as your backdrop, our classes provide a deep sense of connection, awareness and reflection while maintaining a focus on safe alignment. Ultimately, our main goal is to get you moving, breathing and flowing in a way that feels authentic, organic and fun for you.


Whole. Healthy. Delicious.

What we put into our bodies is so vitally important to our health. Not only are we committed to providing whole and healthy foods on all of our retreats (we will never promote fasting or juicing), but we refuse to compromise on flavor or quality and believe that every meal should be a culinary adventure and delight that is rich in both nutrients AND taste. We accommodate all dietary requirements and provide you with resources, tools and inspiration to maintain a healthy diet long after you return home.



Mind. Body. Soul.

We take a 360-degree approach to health, which means that we consider all elements of the self —mind, body and soul—essential in determining one's overall wellbeing. Our retreats incorporate unique treatments and features like reiki energy healing, acupressure, workshops and guided meditations that will pamper the whole you, inside and out. We choose our retreat locations carefully and they will always exude class, grace and luxury, ensuring the ultimate escape experience in every way.